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AQUAGYM is a form of gymnastics that is practiced in water, most often in a swimming pool.

The water pressure prevents shocks and minimizes the risk of muscle aches, strains or straining. It provides a feeling of lightness.

This discipline can be practiced without age limit, whether you are a swimmer or not.

It is a sport that allows you to work different muscle groups, including the abdominals, glutes, thighs, arms and shoulders.

It is sometimes practiced in music, in order to give rhythm to the sessions.





(from 01/06/2023)

8.00€/sesson (60min) * 9.00€/sesson (60min) * Monday 19:30 except holidays
75.00€/10 sessions *        81.00€/10 sessions *        Tuesday -  
    Wednesday -  
    Thursday 19:30 except holidays
    Friday -  
    Saturday -  
    Sunday -  


* price includes the swimming pool entrance




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